Advocacy is the cornerstone and pulse of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women. We strive to provide a culturally competent voice for African American women and girls to foster postive changes impacting their families, communities and our country. 

We believe that our efforts to advocate for, encourage and empower Black women in our community will ultimately improve education, health and ecomonic development. 

Our Advocacy Priorities

National Coalition of 100 Black Women Suffolk County Chapter Inc. advocates on behalf of Black women and girls through national, local and strategic alliances to promote leadership development and gender equality in health, education and economic development. 


NCBW recognizes health disparities impacting Black women and girls. Our chapter is dedicated  to implementing and  coordinating community programs designed to improve the health and lifestyle of Black women and girls. 


NCBW Suffolk County has identified several educational needs of our community and advocates for implementation of programs aimed to nuture and mentor Black educators. Our chapter advocates for programs and activities to reduce educational inequities in our Black children.

Advocacy and Public Policy

NCBW advocates on both the local and national level to address policies that disproportionately impacts Black women and children. Our chapter creates public awareness and strategies to address issues affecting Black families such as employment, housing, wages/salaries, business development and investments.

Economic Empowerment

NCBW advocates for increased wealth building in Black women and  empower Black women to gain the financial knowledge needed to succeed in today's economy. Our economic programs, Sister-Nomic$ focus on financial literacy, family wealth building, financial stability, and entrepreneurship.


SISTER-NOMIC$ is a NCBW Economic Empowerment Initiative that promotes financial  security and generational wealth. SISTER-NOMIC$ initiative provide educational tools for cultural enrichment, social development and financial management.